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Mike Conley is not a fantasy star but is worth starting most weeks. He is the number #10 ranked point guard and the #31 ranked player overall. His value would have been slightly higher if he played more games. Based on average fantasy points he is the #9 point guard. His fantasy production did not rise or fall significantly as the season went on. If you break up his season into 3 equal segments (start, middle, end) his average started at 37.2 FPs, ended at 40.9 FPs, and was 33.2 FPs in between. His fantasy production is stable and he is not as volatile as most players based on a below average standard deviation. He averaged 37.1 FPs, but on any given day his projected ceiling is as high as 60 fantasy points.

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His fantasy point average held steady since two seasons ago. His usage rate and minutes per game are fairly consistent season-to-season.

SEASON TREND'18-19'17-18'16-17
Fantasy Points26003272479
FP Average37.127.235.9
Regular Season GP701269


He has averaged 108 fantasy points per week and had 7 weeks where he exceeded that by 20% and 6 'bad' weeks where he came up 20% short of his average.

WeekFantasy Points (GP)Good WeekBad Week
ALL108 FP per Week76
Week 161 (2 games 30.5 per game)-47.3
Week 2112 (3 games 37.3 per game)
Week 3103 (3 games 34.3 per game)
Week 490 (3 games 30 per game)
Week 5131 (4 games 32.8 per game)+22.7
Week 6188 (4 games 47 per game)+79.7
Week 7133 (3 games 44.3 per game)+24.7
Week 893 (3 games 31 per game)
Week 9155 (4 games 38.8 per game)+46.7
Week 10112 (3 games 37.3 per game)
Week 1179 (2 games 39.5 per game)-29.3
Week 12104 (4 games 26 per game)
Week 13111 (3 games 37 per game)
Week 14104 (4 games 26 per game)
Week 15161 (4 games 40.2 per game)+52.7
Week 16145 (3 games 48.3 per game)+36.7
Week 17111 (3 games 37 per game)
Week 1824 (1 games)-84.3
Week 1974 (2 games 37 per game)-34.3
Week 2094 (3 games 31.3 per game)
Week 21151 (3 games 50.3 per game)+42.7
Week 2292 (2 games 46 per game)
Week 2386 (2 games 43 per game)-22.3
Week 2486 (2 games 43 per game)-22.3


He averaged 37.4 FD points and 38.6 DK points per game. We looked at all of his games that were between the 10th and 90th percentile where the 10th percentile is his floor and the 90th is his ceiling. On DraftKings his floor was 20.5 and on FanDuel it was 20 fantasy points. He did not have a high ceiling (less than +50% over average). On Draftkings it was 52.2 and on FanDuel it was 50.5 FPs. He has had more good FanDuel games (exceed average by 20%) than bad games (20% below average), and the same was true on DraftKings. We are only including games where they were in the daily fantasy slate and played.

GameFD Pts (Sal)Good or BadDK Pts (Sal)Good or Bad
All37.4 ($8.4K)20 G, 16 B38.6 ($7.6K)19 G, 14 B
3/30 @PHO49.5 ($8.6K)+12.150 ($7.6K)+11.4
3/27 GS34 ($9K)--35.8 ($7.4K)--
3/23 MIN33.5 ($9.4K)--34.8 ($7.5K)--
3/20 HOU51 ($9K)+13.655.8 ($7.9K)+17.2
3/16 @WAS48 ($8.9K)+10.652.2 ($7.9K)+13.6
3/13 @ATL36.5 ($9.2K)--37.5 ($7.8K)--
3/10 ORL46 ($8.4K)+8.646.8 ($7.2K)+8.2
3/8 UTA50.5 ($8.4K)+13.153.8 ($7.3K)+15.2
3/5 POR51 ($8.1K)+13.654.2 ($7.2K)+15.6
3/2 @DAL15 ($8K)-22.416.2 ($7.5K)-22.4
2/27 CHI42 ($7.8K)--42.5 ($7.7K)--
2/25 LAL40.5 ($7.6K)--42.5 ($7.6K)--
2/23 @CLE32 ($7.7K)--31.8 ($7.7K)--
2/22 LAC48 ($7.8K)+10.650.2 ($7.6K)+11.6
2/13 @CHI21.5 ($8.5K)-15.922.5 ($7.8K)-16.1
2/9 NO29.5 ($9.1K)-7.931.5 ($8.2K)--
2/7 @OKC30.5 ($9.2K)--31 ($8.4K)--
2/5 MIN48.5 ($9K)+11.150.2 ($8.2K)+11.6
2/3 @NY54.5 ($9K)+17.154 ($7.7K)+15.4
1/30 @MIN48 ($8.3K)+10.649.2 ($8K)+10.6
1/28 DEN43.5 ($8.3K)--48 ($7.7K)+9.4
1/26 IND44.5 ($8.3K)--48 ($7.1K)+9.4
1/25 SAC40.5 ($8.4K)--42 ($7.7K)--
1/23 CHA34.5 ($8.6K)--36.5 ($7.5K)--
1/21 NO47 ($7.8K)+9.646--
1/19 @TOR17.5 ($8K)-19.918 ($6.8K)-20.6
1/18 @BOS32 ($8K)--34 ($7K)--
1/16 MIL22.5 ($8.3K)-14.923 ($7.6K)-15.6
1/14 @HOU29.5 ($8.3K)-7.933.2 ($7.6K)--
1/12 @MIA41.5--41.5--
1/9 SA29 ($8.4K)-8.428.5 ($7.4K)-10.1
1/7 @NO41 ($8.1K)--45 ($7.5K)--
1/5 @SA25.5 ($8.4K)-11.927.8 ($7.1K)-10.8
1/4 BKN47 ($8.4K)+9.646.2 ($7.4K)--
1/2 DET1.5 ($8.7K)-35.93.8 ($7.7K)-34.8
12/31 @HOU34.5 ($8.7K)--35.5 ($7.6K)--
12/29 BOS51 ($8.6K)+13.649.2 ($7.3K)+10.6
12/26 CLE33 ($8.6K)--32.5 ($7.7K)--
12/23 @LAL35 ($8.6K)--35.2 ($7.9K)--
12/21 @SAC41.5 ($8.4K)--45.8 ($7.9K)--
12/19 @POR36 ($8.4K)--40 ($7.6K)--
12/15 HOU33 ($8.5K)--34 ($7.7K)--
12/14 MIA52 ($8.1K)+14.648.8 ($8.1K)+10.2
12/12 POR39 ($8K)--41.5 ($7.7K)--
12/10 @DEN34 ($8.7K)--33.8 ($8.1K)--
12/8 LAL29.5 ($9.4K)-7.926.2 ($8.7K)-12.4
12/7 @NO29 ($9.2K)-8.429.2 ($8.4K)-9.4
12/5 LAC44 ($9.1K)--44.2 ($8.7K)--
12/2 @PHI35.5 ($9.2K)--36 ($8.5K)--
11/30 @BKN57 ($8.9K)+19.661.2 ($8.3K)+22.6
11/27 TOR46 ($8.8K)+8.644.8 ($7.7K)--
11/25 NY46.5 ($8.9K)+9.149 ($8.1K)+10.4
11/23 @LAC32.5--39.2--
11/21 @SA53.5 ($8.2K)+16.154 ($7.5K)+15.4
11/19 DAL46.5 ($8.3K)+9.150.8 ($7.2K)+12.2
11/18 @MIN29--31.2--
11/16 SAC27 ($8.3K)-10.430.2 ($7K)-8.4
11/14 @MIL38 ($7.8K)--38.5 ($6.8K)--
11/12 UTA30.5 ($7.9K)--34 ($6.9K)--
11/10 PHI53 ($6.9K)+15.653.5 ($6.7K)+14.9
11/7 DEN20 ($7.3K)-17.420.8 ($7.3K)-17.8
11/5 @GS17.5 ($8K)-19.918.8 ($7.8K)-19.8
11/4 @PHO24.5 ($7.8K)-12.924.2 ($7.9K)-14.4
11/2 @UTA43.5 ($7.7K)--45.2 ($7K)--
10/30 WAS36.5 ($7.7K)--37.2 ($7.6K)--
10/27 PHO31.5 ($7.8K)--31 ($7.6K)--
10/24 @SAC40.5 ($7.7K)--44.5 ($6.7K)--
10/22 @UTA44 ($7.7K)--43.8 ($6.6K)--
10/19 ATL36.5 ($7.9K)--40 ($6.8K)--
10/17 @IND19.5 ($8K)-17.920.5 ($6.5K)-18.1