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Stadium Scotiabank Arena
58-24 Overall | EASTERN 2nd
Atlantic Division114.4108.4
Team Outlook and Scouting Report

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In their current series vs the Bucks, they have a 76.5% chance of advancing. They have 24.2% chance of winning the championship.


The sum of all of their money line implied probabilities (adjusted for the juice) projects to 55.2 wins. Their 58 actual wins was above expectation. They won more games than expected at home and on the road. They went 26-15 on the road and were expected to win 24.4. They won 32 at home and were expected to win 30.8.

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SHOOTING (STRENGTH): They are an elite shooting team with a true FG% of 57.5% (#4 in League). The team shooting has declined to 52.8% in their last 7 games. They average 114.4 pts per game vs an expected average (based on pre-game odds) of 113.4. On the road they average 113.7 (111.9 expected), and at home 115.1 ppg (115 expected).

DEFENSE (STRENGTH): This is an elite defensive team holding opponents to 54.1 true FG% (#2 in League). They allow 108.4 pts per game vs an expected value of 107.9. They are allowing 109.1 (109 expected) on the road, and at home 107.6 ppg (106.8 expected).

REBOUNDING (BELOW AVERAGE): They are slightly outrebounded by opponents by 0.5 per game (#17 in league).

TURNOVERS (STRENGTH): Their average turnover margin is 1.4 per game (#8 in league).


Below is a recap of all 82 regular games. Anyone who backed the Raptors in all of their games would have earned a +325 unit profit at a 100 per game risk. Against the spread, they have lost -1140 units risking 110 to win 100 (37-44 ATS). They are down against the spread at home and on the road.

3 Anunoby, OG SF6-823207/17/19971Indiana
25 Boucher, Chris PF6-1020001/11/19931New Mexico JC; Oregon
33 Gasol, Marc C7-125501/29/198510No College
14 Green, Danny SF6-621506/22/19879North Carolina
9 Ibaka, Serge PF6-1023509/18/19899No College
2 Leonard, Kawhi SF6-723006/29/19917San Diego State
17 Lin, Jeremy PG6-320008/23/19888Harvard
7 Lowry, Kyle PG6-119603/25/198612Villanova
8 Loyd, Jordan PG6-421007/27/19930Indianapolis
1 McCaw, Patrick SG6-718510/25/19952Nevada-Las Vegas
20 Meeks, Jodie SG6-421008/21/19879Kentucky
13 Miller, Malcolm SF6-721003/06/19931Holy Cross
15 Moreland, Eric PF6-1023812/24/19913Oregon State
24 Powell, Norman SF6-421505/25/19933UCLA
43 Siakam, Pascal PF6-923004/02/19942New Mexico State
23 VanVleet, Fred PG6-019502/25/19942Wichita State